Floor Liners & Cargo Liners that Maximize Protection For Your Carpet Interior

Floor Liners & Cargo Liners
Maximum Protection
For Your Carpet Interior

Husky Liners®
Your next step in automotive protection for the front, second, and third seat areas of your SUV, Pickup, or van. Molded from strong, lightweight, rubberized thermoplastic material to fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle. The outside lip protects carpet from water, snow, dirt, sand and spills. Just remove original floor mats and drop into place. Remove easily for cleaning. Lifetime Warrranty from Manufacturer not to crack or break. Available in Black, Dark Gray or Tan.

Other Quality Husky Products
For Your Cars Interior

Husky Floor Mats®
These heavy duty mats feature 3-8” tall ridges designed to keep your shoes above the moisture and debris. The raised outer rim traps water, sand, mud and snow keeping it in check and away from your carpet. Drivers side offers a unique cushioned, extra thick heel pad that gives heel protection and longer wear. The unique anti-slip, Sta-Put Nibs, on the back hold the mats firmly in place. Easy to clean-offering great floor protection. Available in Black, Grey or Tan.

Husky Premium Molded Dash Systems®
Husky Premium Molded Dash Systems are a great look for your dash. Custom fit of Tevcor designed to fit your vehicle. Tevcor is a polymer composite substrate developed to meet OEM quality and performance standards. Tevcor is semi-flexible, which allows the components to conform to the vehicle variations without leaving any gaps. Each component forms to the dash to be one with it and gives a stunning real wood appearance. Positively will not delaminate or fade from UV sun exposure, heat, or cold. The entire back of every dash piece is completely covered with 3M automotive tape providing and uncompromising bond through all weather extremes. Easily installed.

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